Tokyo Skytree: More than Just a Japanese Icon

Tokyo Skytree Facts: Things everyone needs to know

About the Tokyo Skytree

The Tokyo Skytree (Tobu Tower Skytree Co. Ltd.) was built in 2012 and is the biggest and most important tv and radio broadcasting station not only in Tokyo but the entire Kanto region. It has replaced the old Tokyo Tower as the primary broadcasting site. Since the Tokyo Tower has been surrounded by taller skyscrapers, there was a need for it to be replaced. The entire structure has been funded by the Tobu Railway line and six broadcasting networks including NHK, Fuji TV, and TBS. It has been designed by Architect Nikken Sekkei under the supervision of the Tobu Railway. It was fully constructed by the Obayashi Corp.  It has a world-class design and has been structured to be seismic proof through the damper systems installed in the structure.

Tokyo Skytree Height – Tallest broadcasting tower in Japan

The Tokyo Skytree is the tallest structure in all of Japan. At the time it was built in 2012, it was also considered as the second tallest building in the world. It has a towering height of 634 meters with an observation deck at 350 meters and 450 meters. What is interesting about this is that the height of the tower has been based on the historical name of the region – Musashi. When cut apart, 634 will become 6 (mu, 六) + 3 (sa[n], 三) + 4 (shi, 四). 

Tokyo Skytree Elevator

Almost every aspect about the skytree is a tourist must-see. With its towering height of 634 meters, it is only apt that it is equipped with powerful elevators that would go against gravity to take numerous passengers to their destinations. This should be done not only at high speeds but also without dizziness or any other hassles. The Skytree is equipped with four high-speed Toshiba elevators. Each of these elevators has a capacity of 40 persons and a speed of 600 meters per minute. It is known to be the fastest in Japan because it could take a full cart of passengers up the 350 meters (to the Tembo deck) for only 50 seconds. To add to these, there are also two service elevators in the building.

Tokyo and the Tokyo Skytree

There are a number of great places to visit in Tokyo that would fit almost any body’s lust for travel. There are parks to visit, museums to enjoy, and restaurants to satisfy any craving. Tokyo is the central business district all of Japan, it is home to both local and multinational companies. However, one of the most memorable places to visit in Japan would be the Tokyo Skytree.

Tokyo Skytree during the day

What is great about this place is that there are a number of commercial establishments available for anyone who thinks going up the decks are too expensive. It is home to a total of 300 stores that would cater to almost any needs. Other than this, there is also a giant aquarium where children can enjoy. However, the Skytree is still a majestic view during the daytime and the Tokyo skyline seen from the decks are still a massively wonderful sight.

Looking at the Tokyo Skytree at Night

The Skytree is spectacular at night which is why most visitors wish to visit at this time. The light display is impressive. Lovers can enjoy a romantic stroll within the area (or around the tower) with the Skytree at the background. The view from the decks is equally spectacular. The beauty of the Tokyo Skyline is a sight no one should miss. The 360 view of the city is a memory anyone would cherish forever.

Tokyo Skytree Town – About the structure

Tokyo Sky Tree Mall and Tokyo Skytree Restaurants

The entire building where the Skytree is located is known as the Skytree town. It is a building that is home to hundreds of commercial establishments. Known as the Solomachi (Solamachi Town Co. Ltd.), this structure is one of the main attractions of the Sumida city. It is home to numerous restaurants and fast food chains. There are also fashion boutiques and outlets.


Atop the mall with commercial establishments is the Sumida Aquarium. It is home to thousands of sea creatures which are local to the Japanese Islands. At the middle is the largest open indoor tank in Japan which houses penguins and fur seals. This tank has been designed so that visitors can view the animals from any angle.

Viewing Decks

There are two viewing decks inside the facility where people can enjoy the beautiful view of Tokyo skyline. What is special about this place is that in these viewing decks, there is also a majestic view of Mt. Fuji. The two viewing decks are found on different elevations and are considered as among the highest in the world. The two observation decks are called Tembo deck and Tembo gallery. On these decks are touch screens which offer up zoom enabled maps that allow tourists to pinpoint specific locations around the area such as Harajuku, Shinjuku and much more.

The first viewing deck, an enclosed area called the Tembo Deck, is located at a height of 350 meters (1148 ft). This particular deck has a total of three floors where the top floor is equipped with a tall window giving a 360 panoramic view of Tokyo. There are commercial establishments on the second floor, where a souvenir shop and a restaurant are located. The first floor of the Tembo deck has a café with glass flooring that allows visitors to view the base of the tower.

The second viewing deck, known as the Tembo gallery, is located at a height of 450 meters (1476 ft). It is made up of a spiral ramp that leads the visitors to the top floor which is just a conventional observation deck with lounging areas. This viewing deck is considered the highest in the world at 451.2 meters.

Visiting the Tokyo Skytree

How to go: Tokyo Skytree Station and Sumida City

The Tokyo Skytree is one of the most iconic tourist spots not only in Tokyo but all of Japan. It is a symbol of the country’s success in technology. Being the highest free-standing broadcasting tower in all of Japan, it is not too difficult to find. For those wondering, the actual location of the Tokyo Skytree is in Oshiage, Sumida-Ku, Tokyo. For foreign travelers, it would be best to check out which train line or bus terminal is nearest your hotel.

  • Traveling by Train- Anyone traveling to the Tokyo Skytree must know that it is absolutely accessible through train rides. There are different ways to travel to the Tokyo Skytree by train. The first of these is through the Tobu Skytree line and another is through the Asakusa Subway line. Another line that could take passengers near the Tokyo skytree would be the Tokyo Metro Ginza line and the JR Sobu line. Both train rides will require a few minutes of walking because the tree itself is located in between two stations.
    When getting to the Skytree through the Tobu Railway line, it would be best to go down at the Tokyo Skytree Station. On the other hand, when going through the Asakusa Subway Line, it would be best to go down at the Oshiage Station. The same station is also accessible thru the Hanzomon Subway line and the Keisei Oshiage Line. When riding the Tokyo Metro Ginza line, it would be a good idea to go down at the Asakusa station which is only a 15-minute walk to the tree. For those traveling thru the JR Sobu Line, the nearest station to go down to would be the Kinshicho station which is a 30-minute walk to the Tokyo Skytree.
  • Traveling by Bus – Other than the fact that the tree is accessible through various train lines, the popular tourist destination is also accessible through bus rides. There are direct buses that drop off passengers exactly at the location of the broadcasting tower. 
    The Tokyo Disney Resort is one of the stations offering direct buses to the Skytree. It usually costs 720 yen and the ride could last roughly 45 minutes. When coming from the Airport, there is a 920 yen bus ride to the Tokyo Skytree whose travel time could last slightly over an hour. The shortest direct bus route would be the 520 yen ride from the Tokyo Station which could take only 30 minutes. The cheapest, on the other hand, would be from the Ueno station which costs only 220 yen for a 30-minute ride to the skytree.

When to go: Tokyo Skytree Opening Hours

Since the place is a popular tourist destination it might be a good idea to check the hours for which the Skytree accepts visitors. The Skytree is open from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM with the ticket lines opens only until 9:00 PM. For those who want to go at night, it is a good reminder to remember that they sell tickets only until an hour before closing time to allow the last few passengers to enjoy the view for at most an hour.

It is also important to remember that since this is a popular destination, the lines are ridiculously long. There are lines outside the building for entry and inside for the tickets. For those going on a day tour of the Skytree, it might be a good idea to go before the place opens. The Skytree is a wonder at night and the Tokyo skyline is the most beautiful at this time, sad to say that it is at these hours when the lines are the longest and the queues are the slowest.

It would be also a good idea to buy tickets online. This would cut the queuing time going up. However, online purchase of tickets is available only for Japanese credit card holders. An option for tourists is to buy the “Skytree Fast Ticket” which might be a bit expensive but would cut up queuing time significantly.

The peak seasons are usually between spring and summer when the sky is clear. Although it is open during the fall and winter seasons and there are still people visiting at this time, the view might be covered by fog on the worst of times. The ultimate viewing experience will be during the spring and summer time when there is minimal coverage to the view. The place is quite crowded especially from March through May.

Tokyo Skytree Cost

Being one of the most iconic places in Japan, it is without a doubt that the price is ridiculously high. A number of tourists prefer visiting the place only to look at the skytree from the outside because that in itself is majestic.

However, for those who want to visit the Tokyo Skytree, these are a few things to remember. The first is that there are tickets to access each of the two decks. There are also regular and fast tickets. Furthermore, there are tickets with specific times and dates of access while there are others that don’t.

Tickets that have been purchased online are usually those that have dates and times of access. Tickets that are bought at the location do not have these restrictions. Regular adult tickets to access the Tembo deck costs 2,060 yen. Regular child tickets can range from 620 yen to 1,540 yen depending on the child’s age. Those who wish to access the Tembo Gallery only will be paying 1,030 yen for regular adult access and 310 to 820 yen for child tickets. For those who wish to access both decks shall buy two tickets additively.

Fast tickets are VIP tickets which are slightly more expensive but would mean skipping queues. Adult fast tickets to access the Tembo deck costs 3,000 Yen and child tickets cost 1,500 yen. For those who wish to access both the Tembo deck and Tembo Gallery, adult tickets cost 4,000 yen and child tickets cost 2,000 yen.