Tokyo Midtown: More Than Just a Shopping Mall

Tokyo Midtown Coordinates, Location, and History

Tokyo Midtown is located in the heart of Tokyo, specifically at the district of Akasaka in the Minato Ward of the city. It is known as one of the most popular structures in the area as a mix-use development. This means that the entire compound is comprised of a number of buildings used as an office, residence, hotel, and much more.

Developed by Mitsui Fudosan, it was known as the tallest building in Tokyo at the time it was completed. However, it has now been replaced by the Tokyo Skytree of Tobu. The entire structure sits on a location which is about 78,000 square meters. The construction of the entire structure started in 2004 and has been completed three years later by 2007. It has been designed by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, one of the most popular architecture firms in the world.

This particular compound is the official home to a number of distinguished Japanese companies that have gained their name all over the world. These include Cisco Japan, Yahoo! Japan, Uniqlo and more. It is also the official home of popular multinational brands such as Tweed, Milbank, and Herbert Smith LLP. Inside the compound are hotels, gardens, and even a US based hospital.

It has an absolute location of 35.6659° N, 139.7310° E with an address of 9 Akasaka, Minato, Tokyo. It is found a small distance from the famous Roppongi Hills complex. Since it is found at the hip and young area of Tokyo, it is without a doubt that this structure is visited by a great number of tourists and travelers on a daily basis.

There are various ways to access Tokyo Midtown through different parts of the city. One thing to remember is that it is connected directly to the Roppongi station of the Oedo line. This particular station can be accessed through the Marunouchi and Hibiya Subway lines by the Kasumigaseki station. This is a 15-minute walk to the Roppongi station off the Oedo line. Roughly ticket to this place is only about 170 yen and can take up to 15 minutes of travel time. Another way to reach Tokyo Midtown is through the Shinjuku station of the Oedo line. This costs about 220 yen and takes about 10 minutes of travel.

All Things Tokyo Midtown Mall: Buildings

There is a total of six buildings in the entire footprint. Although there seem to be indications of further development, there is still no absolute confirmation. So far, the entire Tokyo Midtown compound is made of multiple buildings of different uses and market. Each building serves a specified function that helps in the success and popularity of the entire compound. The buildings of the Tokyo Midtown are as follows:

Tokyo Midtown Tower

This particular building is the second tallest building in the whole of the city, which stands at about 250 meters. This particular building is the main highlight of the compound as it is a multi-function structure. Some of its floors are office spaces, while other floors are condominiums. The top floors are home to the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Japan.

This particular hotel boasts of its services and is considered as one of the best hotels in all of Japan. This hotel is also home to a world-class restaurant. The five-star hotel has a total of 245 rooms each of which has a stunning view of the Tokyo skyline.

Midtown West

His particular building is one of the tallest office space in Japan and is home to many of Japan’s most distinguished establishments. These include a company called Fujifilm, a world-renown company. Midtown west is the headquarters of this firm and Fuji Xerox.


Also known as the Galleria Building, this particular structure has been built to become a shopping and dining complex. It is home to a number of famous local brands that are starting to become trendy in all of Japan. This particular commercial building is also home to a number of popular international brands that has made its name not only from its home country but all over the world as well. 

With only a 4-storey height, this particular structure was made entirely for commercial purposes. It was designed to accommodate establishments such as restaurants and clothing shops. The entire structure is expected to serve all the shopping and dining needs of the population visiting the compound. 

What makes this 4-storey building even more popular is the fact that it houses the Suntory Museum of Art. Located on the third floor of the building, the exhibition in this particular museum varies for every period and a total of six exhibition gets featured every year. It was established 40 years ago and presents a theme of “Art in Life”. This features a collection of antique Japanese art showing the life of the Japanese through the centuries. 

There are certain parts of the museum where the admission rates are free of charge. There are exhibits as well that ask for a certain fee. For the part of the structure that has admission fees, the entry could be provided for only a cost of 100 yen.

Midtown Garden Side

This particular building is not like all the others. It is a luxury service apartment which is home to many wealthy travelers and Japanese residents. Known to many as the Oakwood Premier Tokyo Midtown, it is a representation of posh and stylish living. It features stylish furniture, designer home appliances, and even top-of-the-line amenities.

This building has its own 24-hour reception and other guest services to ensure that their stay is most relaxed. Not only that they also have facilities to meet the needs of their guests such as business centers, resident lounges, and even a fitness center.

Things to do inside Tokyo Midtown

Tokyo Midtown Clinic

Known as the Tokyo Midtown Medical Center, this particular hospital is an international affiliate of the US-based clinic known as Johns Hopkins. The developer of Tokyo Midtown wanted to ensure that they will give world-class facilities to their clients. These may be in the form of residence, commercial, entertainment and more. However, they also planned to provide world-class medical attention as well.

This particular company boasts of the expertise of Johns Hopkins medicine and is home to state-of-the-art full service. What is special about this hospital is that it is more of an outpatient care center than a hospital. Residents go to this place to receive immediate outpatient attention and same-day surgeries.

Tokyo Midtown Restaurants

The entire Midtown compound features hundreds of restaurants that are sure to fill the needs of the guests and visitors. However, Tokyo Midtown is also equipped to provide a world-class, luxurious dining experience that no guest will ever forget.

Azure 45

Located on the 45th floor of the Midtown Tower, this is one of the most luxurious places to dine in the entire complex. It is a private dining room styled restaurant that can seat a total of 17 people. Most of the food on the menu are contemporary French.


Also located in the Midtown tower, this particular restaurant serves authentic Japanese dishes. They serve four areas namely, Kaiseki, Sushi, Tempura, and Teppanyaki. All feature the wonderful art of Japanese food. 

The Lobby Lounge

Located at the Ritz-Carlton, this place is not exactly a restaurant and is more like a bar. Visitors who wish to sit and read while enjoying coffee or tea can stay at the lobby lounge. Furthermore, a little socialization at night is not exactly a bad thing as well.

The Bar

This place is also located at the Ritz-Carlton hotel and it boasts of its wonderful view of the Tokyo skyline. It is one of the hippest places to be. They serve different flavored cocktails and even have live music performances. 

Tokyo Midtown Design Hub

The Design Hub is one of the most interesting parts of the entire Tokyo Midtown complex. It is a space primarily opened for exhibitions and bazaars making it the main activity center of the entire place. The design hub holds a variety of exhibits throughout the year featuring not only art but also businesses and more. They feature artists, designers, architects, and the like. Its purpose is to support future generations by providing a center of exchange of learning.

This place sort of serves as a plaza filled with booths and exhibits from companies, designers, artists and more who wish to share their expertise and be known throughout the country. Other than the exhibitions, they also hold conferences, talks, and seminars. These are usually sponsored by the main exhibit and are always free for all. It is located at the 5F of the Midtown tower.

Other Notable Aspects about Tokyo Midtown

Tokyo Midtown Park

One of the most important things that this entire compound boasts of is the fact that it is considered as one of the greenest developments in the city. It is without a doubt that the redevelopments being done in Tokyo take up space that was supposed to be of nature such as trees, rivers, and more. The recent years have prompted the local government to ensure the protection of these ‘green spaces’.

Within the Tokyo Midtown compound is the Hinokicho Park, which is a public garden. Although this particular garden was built centuries ago, the redevelopment of the Tokyo Midtown ensured that it would be rightly preserved. Beside it, a new garden was built to add more green and natural space inside the compound. This new garden is known as the Midtown Garden and it features rows of cherry trees.

This is one of the most favorite spots for tourists during the months of March through April. The Hanami festival is greatly celebrated and the cherry blossoms offer up an experience everyone will surely remember.

Tokyo Midtown Hotel

Ritz-Carlton Hotel

This particular hotel is the pride and glory of the Tokyo Midtown compound. It is a 5-star, world-class luxury hotel that could house more than 200 rooms. There are restaurants, spas, and other fun activities that can be done within the hotel.

Upon arrival, children are strongly encouraged to explore the hotel. There is a program called Ritz Kids filled up with fun activities just for kids. They have their own check-in counters to allow an interesting welcome for the children. Inside the hotel, there is an in-room camping experience complete with linen tents, LED lanterns, and a ‘home planetarium’ to show kids the different Japanese constellations at night.

For adults, there is a spa at the 46th floor of the hotel. They provide programs that give guests a pampering and relaxing experience. There is a dry sauna, lap pool, steam sauna, and more.

Other hotels in the area

The entire compound is home to one of the most luxurious hotels in the entire city. However, those that wish to stay in other places can stay at the hotels found near the Tokyo Midtown compound. There are a few hotels that are only a walking distance from the compound, this way travelers can enjoy the other parts of the compound even without checking into the Ritz-Carlton hotel.

There are the Akasaka Yoko hotel and Marroad inn which is a short distance walk to the entire complex. Also, any visitor can stay at the Grand Hyatt hotel located at Roppongi Hills which offer up an equally luxurious experience.

Tokyo Midtown During Christmas Time

Tokyo Midtown Illumination

During the Christmas period, Tokyo midtown also becomes a popular tourist attraction not only because of their various shops and establishments but also because of their Christmas illumination presentation. It is an annual Christmas celebration which happens between the period of November to December where numerous powered LED are used to create interesting designs that twinkle like snow at night.

The main theme of the Midtown Illumination special is “Someone is somebody’s Santa Claus” a good pickup line to motivate visitors to buy something for their loved ones. There are a variety of highlights in their presentation which include the Starlight Garden, the Santa tree, the Champagne Illumination and the Journey through the Cosmos. These are all made and designed from LED.

Throughout the year, the Tokyo Midtown has something special to offer its guests. This presentation of beautiful lights is the best way to end an exciting annual affair.