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Miyagi Japan Map

The Miyagi prefecture is located in the Honshu Island of Japan and is found in what is known as the Tohoku Region. Its proximity to Tokyo makes it quite a popular tourist destination especially because of its ports, islands, and mountains. The place is great for skiing and snowboarding in the winter. A lot of tourists also enjoy the scenery of the mountains during springtime and fall. Furthermore, a lot of people enjoy going to the beach or going hiking during the warm summer seasons.

Miyagi has fourteen cities which include Tagaj, Kakuda, Sendai, and Osaki. The largest city in the Tohoku region, also the capital city of the prefecture is Sendai. There are also towns and districts within the area which include the famous Kurokawa District, Miyagi District, and Watari district.

Miyagi prefecture, along with Fukushima prefecture, was among the places in Japan who suffered the most destruction during the 2011 Tohoku earthquake. It is considered as one of the worst natural calamities the world ever faced in the last decade.

Miyagi Japan Weather

Some parts of Miyagi are mountainous and other parts of it are near the sea. Although the general climate is similar, the overall average weather changes vary per location. Overall, this region experiences four different seasons every year.

Since it is located quite far north, the winter and fall seasons can be quite cold. The mountainside offers up impressive slopes during the wintertime. The snowfall has a high average which is why it turns into a winter wonderland during the December months. It is normally cold until the months of January and February. Although the snow is much thicker in places like Sapporo, Miyagi seems to be quite competitive in the ski resort department.

Those cities near the sea, the average humidity is quite high. However, these places are favorite spots during the summer season, especially by those living in the surrounding cities like Tokyo. Places near the sea experience very warm oceanic climates and have a humidity which is quite similar to that of a subtropical region.

Since the place is quite mountainous, this is also a great place to visit during the spring and fall season. The changes in the color of the leaves seem to blend well together regardless of the species of the plant. These are the times when it is best to enjoy nature, go camping, or hiking up the mountains.  

Miyagi Japan Points of Interest

Miyagi Japan Fox Village

The Zao Fox Village in Japan is one of the best places to visit because it is literally a village with hundreds of animals freely roaming. It is a nature preserve intended to help in the preservation of endangered species which are local to Miyagi. This place is great for those who wish to simply enjoy nature, the beautiful mountains of Miyagi, and cute furry animals.

Upon entry to the village, there are stores where visitors can buy food to feed the foxes. There are rules and tutorials on how to properly handle and feed the animals. There is a place where visitors can hold foxes. There are also rabbits, horses, and goats inside this village. For those who are worried, these foxes are actually not harmless. Some are curious enough to go near humans but others normally ignore or run away. Although despite the fact that they will not harm humans, it is best to keep cautious to avoid any incidents.


The city of Sendai, the capital of Miyagi prefecture, is one of the largest cities in Tohoku region. It was established in the early 1600s and has played quite an important role in the history of Japan. This place is also a great place to go on a vacation because it is quite accessible from Tokyo. It is mostly visited in the summer months during the celebration of the Tanabata Festival. It is also quite popular during the winter season because of the festival of lights.

For those who are looking for a relaxing vacation, there are hot springs or onsens which are available. One of the most popular is the Aiku Onsen which is a natural hot spring with a waterfall enjoyed by a number of travelers who are visiting the area. Not only is the view breathtaking, the scenery of nature is also very relaxing. Anyone looking for an outdoor adventure will also enjoy going to Sendai because of the mountains and hills which can be hiked around the area.

If a traveler wishes to enjoy the culture of Sendai, there are museums, castles, and parks which can be visited in the area. Going to Sendai promises a full-on relaxing vacation that no one should miss.

Visiting Zao

Mount Zao is one of the popular volcanic mountains which is found in the Miyagi Prefecture of the Tohoku region. It is popular for its onsens which provide hot water springs for its tourists, a long day hike will not be complete without dipping into its relaxing waters.

Those who are nature lovers will surely enjoy a trip to Mount Zao because a hike up the mountain will lead to the Okama crater. This is a place where people can enjoy the wonderful mysteries of nature. Going to Mount Zao on a winter trip is also possible because its slopes are recommendable for skiing and snowboarding. One interesting sight to see in Mount Zao during the winter time are the “snow monsters” which are protrusions of snow from the ground. These, upon closer investigation, are actually frozen trees.

Matsushima of Miyagi Japan

Matsushima is one of the best go-to places in the Tohoku region because it offers up a complete vacation package. There are mountains for nature trips, islands and beaches for the summer time, temples and museums for the culture watchers and more. Its history alone is enough to keep any traveler busy for days.

This place boasts of most of their natural attractions. It is so popular and beautiful that it has been dubbed by the Japanese government as one of the three most scenic views in the country. For instance, Oshima Island is a small piece of land floating on water which is completely covered with pine trees. The islands are so close together that they are connected by pedestrian bridges which are great for short walks. This place is a great place to meditate because of the multiple caves found on the island, which is why it is a popular retreat area for monks.

Another place Matsushima can boast of is the Zuiganji Temple which is the most popular Zen temple in the entire Tohoku region. This place is visited by pilgrims, travelers and more on a regular basis. The simplicity of the buildings contributes to its lasting beauty. It is said that this temple was built in the early 1600s.

Onagawa Seafood and Resorts

Onagawa is found in the coasts of Miyagi and it is a favorite go to place for its delicious seafood. This place has what is called a natural deep water port which is great for commercial fishing. This is why the seafood here is always fresh and cheap. It has been a port intended for trade and commerce since it was established in the early Japanese times. It was severely damaged in the Second World War but was restored not long after.

The place was severely damaged by the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and tsunami. Many buildings, homes, schools and more were wiped away by the monstrous tsunami that struck multiple areas in Miyagi. More than 70% of the structures in Onagawa were wiped out by the power of the tsunami. However, since then the town was able to reconstruct from the rubble. They now have much more intense tsunami mitigation devices such as warning systems, evacuation training and more.

Tohoku Mountains and Ski Resorts

The Tohoku region, not just Miyagi, is a very mountainous region. It is a great place to enjoy cherry blossoms during the spring season in April. It is also a great place to enjoy hiking during the warm months of summer. The red hues of the leaves of maple are great to enjoy during the spring time. However, the best thing to do in a mountainous region during the wintertime would be to enjoy the slopes.

In Tohoku, there are a number of resorts which are great for skiing and snowboarding. Among these would be the Zao Onsen Resort. This place offers up a great dip onto a hot water spring after a full day of strenuous exercise from skiing. The Appi Ski resort is also a great place to visit because of its impressive scenery. The clean white color of the surroundings is picturesque that people keep on coming back on a regular basis.

Another place to visit, in Miyagi, would be the Onikuobe resort which has a hotel and other facilities. There are low and steep slopes which provide variety for beginners and experts alike. There are lifts that will take individuals from the bottom to the top of the slopes. The terrain, according to a number of tourists, is worth a visit.