The Wonderful World of Anime Music

Top Anime Music Video Hits That Everyone Loves

Nowadays, Japanese cartoons are known as “Anime” have become extremely popular, and have garnered millions of fans of all ages around the world. Anime cartoons have even spun their own subcultures and followings from different nations worldwide. Like many other TV shows in general, most (if not all) anime cartoons begin with a sort of opening song and scene that is usually characterized by some form of Japanese rock, Japanese pop, or some derivative of interpretative music relative to the content of the Anime, and usually vary by season of their respective shows.

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These opening songs and cutscenes have begun to define a style and often observe a common pattern, structure, and flow. Many artists today have even begun to debate whether this sort of music is ready to be classified as a genre of its own.

But if there's one thing all anime watchers find themselves in agreement with, it's that a great anime show must have a great opening theme and scene. While a great opening scene and song isn't necessarily the single best criteria for an anime's quality, it usually serves as an accurate indicator of the quality of the series and its seasons. Here are some top anime music video hits for you to enjoy.

•    Fullmetal Alchemist – Brotherhood: "Again", by Yui (Opening 1)

The Fullmetal Alchemist starts off with a powerful yet bittersweet tune that perfectly sets the mood and feels for this top-notch anime show. Yui's beautiful, pacing voice slides easily along the accompaniment and fits the intense pre-chorus upswing very easily. The song's lyrics speak of crushed dreams, internal struggles, and of life's habit of being at its most unpredictable when one least expects it. A perfect prelude to what is widely regarded as one of the world's best anime shows to-date.

•    One Punch Man, "The Hero"

JAM Project's “The Hero!!” starts off heavy, strong, and with a quick and intense beat, mirroring the strength of the One Punch Man series' insurmountable protagonist, Saitama. The opening video features a lot of flashy effects and clips of the incredibly high-quality and smooth fighting animation that is a trademark of this incredibly popular series. While only one season of One Punch Man has been released so far, one cannot help but highly anticipate the incoming season any month now.

•    Neon Genesis Evangelion, "Cruel Angel Thesis"

Neon Genesis Evangelion is one of the shorter and older anime shows, having aired its first episode in the year 1995, and only having had 26 episodes. However, that did not stop the show from becoming one of the greatest shows in anime history and has set the bar for anime opening themes to boot. The catchy tune and bouncy beat make remembering the opening theme of this show an effortless task.

The theme is so iconic that it has been redone, parodied, and remastered time and time again by a wide assortment of bands and groups, from Ukrainian military band concerts to black gospel choirs (for reference, The Glory Gospel Singers). While over two decades old, the theme and its accompanying video has aged gracefully and is easily one of the most recognized anime themes around the world.

・Attack of Titan, "Guren no Yumiya", by Linked Horizon

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"Attack on Titan" is one of the modern world's latest contributions to the world of anime. Exceptionally dark and far more intense than most anime shows in present times, the show describes a dystopic world where humanity lives in fear of incredible monsters whose only purpose in existing seems to be none other than to give the last humans on earth a gruesome and painful death. The theme and the opening intro is exceedingly effective in setting the pace and feel for the story with its fast-paced beat, relentless trumpets, dramatic singing, and ever-rising tones. This opening theme is sure to turn the heads of even the most veteran of anime-watchers.

•    Pokemon, "Gotta Catch Em' All

Easily one of the most recognized and most loved theme songs of all time, it takes only around a couple of seconds for anybody who hasn't been living under a Japanese-animated rock to be able to identify this timeless nostalgia-bomb. While the style and theme (especially the synth instruments) may be outdated and reek of the 90's age, it is still extremely catchy. Most listeners find themselves prone to humming the song or its lyrics to themselves after having listened to this song even once. It should be noted that this song is a member of a very small list of anime intro songs that easily and fluidly manages English lyrics without inducing cringes in all within earshot.

Enjoy Anime Music Popular Among Girl Fans

The joys of anime are not exclusive to the male population. Many anime shows cater just as well to the female audience than to the male audience, if not better. While girls generally tend to favor love-related anime shows more often than boys do, many of today's more excellent anime shows and anime songs have a balanced ratio of boy fans to girl fans. Here are some anime songs that girl fans out there are bound to enjoy or recognize.

•    Sailormoon, “Moonlight Densetsu”, by Dali

Another anime timeless classic, the usage of simple harmonies, minor chords, and a steady pace elevate Sailormoon and its theme far above the competition. The theme's hypnotic beat, in conjunction with the excellent singing and the perfectly synchronized dancing Sailormoon girls in the video scene would eventually help solidify Sailormoon's popularity as one of the oldest and most iconic animes in the world, as well as one of the world's most well-known, successful, and recognized female protagonists.

•    Ultra Maniac, “Kagami no Naka”, by Can/Goo

Ultra Maniac uses an elegant piano/violin combination to great effect. The intro theme plays around with the modulation to accentuate the meaning of the lyrics, which is largely focused on love, much like the show itself. The happy, upbeat, and mood set by the drum and guitar instruments helps to create an uplifting mood that inspires warm, happy feelings of energy and excitement in viewers. This song is sure to have viewers wanting to sing along.

•    Psycho Pass, “abnormalize”, by Ling Tosite Sigure

Not all anime popular with the girls is centered on boys and relationships. Psycho-Pass is a very high-quality modern anime about a dystopian world where the government has invented a way to peer into people's minds and use the information present within to differentiate innocent civilians from sick criminals. The intro theme itself starts off with a muffled effect, the vocals almost whispering, but builds into a crescendo before hitting its stride in the chorus – a set of incredibly impressive high-pitched notes. When used in conjunction with the sharp color contrast art style of this anime song's opening video scenes, it becomes evident and clear that the viewer is in for a treat.

Find Great Anime Music Sheet Collections on The Internet

People looking for anime sheet music collections will not encounter many difficulties in looking for sheet music copies of their favorite anime tunes; there are many websites on the internet with tools and uploads designed to assist people in recreating their favorite anime themes using string instruments such as the piano and the violin.

Some examples of excellent locations to hit up for copies of the finest piano transcriptions of the best anime tunes today anime sheet music include “Josh's Anime Sheet Music Collection”, “Ichigo's Sheet Music”, and “Animenz Piano Sheets”. Clear scans of sheet music are available from these online avenues, and most (if not all) are even downloadable completely free-of-charge.

It is common for today's musically inclined anime fans (such as YouTube artists Rekifr and Porqui) to create their own mix collections using various software. One such software is Synthesia, a software piano synthesizer, that allows users to easily play MIDI versions of their favorite songs on the computer. Other YouTube artists, like Animenz Piano Sheets, even go so far as to post beautiful live performances of themselves and their mixes and takes of today's more popular pieces on the internet.These online performances can be quite popular; some of the live pieces posted by Animenz Piano Sheets have surpassed twenty-five (25) million views.

The Best Online Radio Station Recommendations for Anime Music

Several online radio stations boast a wide range of easily accessible anime songs for your everyday auditory needs. Two of the very best sources of online radio anime music are and But anime song lovers have more options than web pages dedicated solely to radio anime songs. Seekers of anime music will find that they can also satisfy their cravings for decent anime music from more general online radio stations such as, and even the popular Spotify.

Fan of A Certain Show? Buy A Music Box of Your Favorite Anime

While uncommon by western standards, the music box is an often-used instrument in anime. Generally reserved for the most heartfelt moments in anime, such as moments of great sacrifice or of great expression of love, the unique and gentle tones of music boxes are tailor-made for the most tender of moments in anime shows.

Music boxes with pre-programmed songs of their favorite anime themes are available for purchase all over the internet. A multitude of websites filled with options can be easily found through a quick Google search featuring keywords from your favorite anime show. Music boxes can also be found for purchase from all-purpose online trade markets, such as Amazon and AliExpress.

Custom-programmable music boxes can also be purchased to express one's dedication to one's favorite anime show. Musically-inclined fans can use these boxes to create remixes of their favorite songs or recreate heartfelt moments from their favorite anime shows. There are also easily accessible tutorials on websites such as Reddit for those looking to learn more on how to program music box songs. Many custom-made music box songs by dedicated fans have already been made and available for personal listening on the popular website, YouTube.

Best Anime Video Game Music

What's the next best thing to anime shows? Anime-inspired video games take everything anime shows have to offer and let you experience them firsthand. Most commonly seen in the form of Japanese Role-Playing Games (also known as JRPGs), these gems of Japanese culture often come packed with lots of action, drama, and awesome musical scores. Here are some games with top-notch soundtracks.

•  Ys Origin

Ys Origin is an action-packed anime-inspired game about a tumultuous land that is protected by twin goddesses. Wishing to protect their people from harm, the goddesses use their great powers to lift all mankind onto a floating island in the sky, where there are peace and harmony. However, demons and monsters roam the lands underneath and have constructed a gigantic tower to reach the heavens, threatening the peaceful floating island and its denizens. Ys Origin comes with an intense musical score that serves as one of its best features, utilizing instruments ranging from electric guitars and drums to symphonic violins, choir vocals, harpsichords, and grand organs.

•    Final Fantasy (Series)

It would be unfair not to mention Final Fantasy in a list of JRPGs deserving of recognition for their musical scores. (It would be just as unfair to choose only one Final Fantasy game.) Final Fantasy is a long-standing series known for its quality stories, on-point music, and gaming experiences worldwide. Most of these masterpiece games have their musical scores produced and orchestrated by the incredibly talented Nobuo Uematsu, who in the past two decades has become critically acclaimed across the globe for his musical creations. The Final Fantasy series and its music are so well-known that there have been several remasters, spin-offs, movies, musical mixes, and remixes based off the Final Fantasy games and songs for several years.

•    Chrono Trigger

A timeless classic, Chrono Trigger is a game about a group of young adults who, by happenstance, find themselves faced with the task of saving the world from a monstrous planetary parasite. Point is, to gather the resources needed to accomplish this feat, they travel back and forth through time to change both their fates and the fate of the world. Chrono Trigger's musical score is composed by the wonderful Yasunori Mitsuda, whose compositions have been remixed and replayed by orchestras around the world for the past decade. Mitsuda has composed musical scores for many critically acclaimed video games over the years. His pieces (especially his masterwork scores in Chrono Trigger) are gentle, loving, and heartwarming, while simultaneously evoking feelings of courage, determination, and strength all who listen to them.

Within anime is an entire world of beautiful music that stands underrated. Give these tunes a listen, and it may just be your next favorite genre of music.