Feel Good With These Japanese Anime Shows

Considered as the home of anime and manga, Japan is the place to be for people who love watching anime, reading manga, and collecting character figurines. Having introduced anime to the world a number of years ago, it has been developed through the years to cater to the different tastes of its viewers. There are now various genres of anime shows that viewers can binge-watch any time of the day. Among the many popular genres is happy anime. This type of genre basically shows the brighter side of things in life. The purpose of these shows, among others, is to provide a smile to the faces of the viewers and make them feel good.

Some of the Best Happy Anime of All Time

Through the years, several happy anime shows have been produced and shown for the enjoyment of the public. Probably one of the best happy anime shows of all time is none other than Barakamon. The show revolves around a young and talented up-and-coming calligrapher who goes by the name of Seishuu Handa. Although incredibly handsome, the calligrapher is also quite the narcissist.

When one of his works, a piece that has won an award, was labeled as “unoriginal” by a veteran calligrapher, Seishuu loses his composure and commits actions that had severe consequences. This results in his father sending him to the Goto Islands as an exile, which is far from the comfortable lifestyle that he used to have back in Tokyo. This punishment also has the purpose of helping arrogant Seishuu reflect on himself and his actions.

Now stranded in a rural area, Seishuu must try to find a new sense of inspiration and hone his skills as well as his own unique art style. He must achieve this amidst the noisy distractions and shenanigans that he gets from boisterous children, fujoshi middle schoolers, and lively old men. Far from his expectations, the Goto community is a wacky and quirky neighborhood where he will learn a lot of thing from.

Another great happy anime show of all time would be Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun. Also known as Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun in English, the story revolves around a cheerful high school girl who goes by the name of Chiyo Sakura. She falls hopelessly in love with an oblivious guy who goes by the name of Umetarou Nozaki. One day, she decides to confess her love for him and, much to her confusion, gets an unfamiliar autograph in return. Unbeknownst to her, the boy is, in fact, a shoujo mangaka who has the pen name of Sakiko Yumeno.

A respected man in the mangaka community, Nozaki hires Chiyo to become one of his manga assistants due to a series of misunderstandings. Funny events ensure as Chiyo begins to gain new friends such as her fellow assistant who goes by the name of Mikoto Mikoshiba and Yuu Kashima, known as the “Prince of the School.” She helps Nozaki with his works and wishes that one day, he would finally take notice of her and her feelings for him.

For a more extraterrestrial theme of funny events, check out Daa! Daa! Daa! Also known as UFO Baby, this show talks about an 8th-grade girl who goes by the name of Miyu. Her parents have been invited by NASA to work for and report to them in the United States, which makes them leave Miyu with Saionji. However, after some time, Mr. Saionji also decides to leave for a year-long trip to India, which makes him leave her with his son who goes by the name of Kanata.

Things start to get complicated when an Alien baby lands in the house of Mr. Saionji. Along with his babysitter pet, they become the responsibility of Miyu and Kanata. With the two resembling the faces of the baby’s parents, the Alien baby begins calling Miyu his mom and Kanata his dad, which starts to complicate things. In addition, the baby also floats around and possesses ESP power.

Top Anime Shows to Make You Happy

By ActuaLitté [CC BY-SA 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

For a more lively and adventurous anime show that would sure make one happy and enjoy on his or her birthday, the show to watch would be Beelzebub. The story revolves around a first-year student who goes by the name of Tatsumi Oga. Attending Ishiyama High, a school where violence and lawlessness are common, Tatsumi Oga comes out as the most vicious fighter in the school. This means that he is not to be messed with, as he beats people who crosses him to send a message.

One extraordinary day, Oga stumbles upon a man floating down the river. Upon retrieving the body, it splits into two to reveal a baby. The baby proceeds to crawl onto the back of Oga and forms an attachment. Oga was not aware at the time but the baby is actually the some of the Demon Lord. Named as Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub IV, the baby is called Baby Beel for short.

The demon maid of Beel known as Hildegard confronts Oga about the situation. The two lend each other a hand in raising the baby amidst the chaos caused by the juvenile delinquents and evil powers surrounding them. Though the theme may be a bit dark, the events taking place in this anime show are definitely hilarious. Happy people would definitely be fans of the antics of the characters.

For people who love tennis, one of the best happy anime shows of all time is Prince of Tennis. The story revolves around a tennis prodigy who goes by the name of Ryoma Echizen. Because of his gift, he is able to attend Seishun Academy, Seigaku for short. A private school well-known for its commendable tennis club, talented tennis players compete in order to become a regular in the team. Ryoma, with his skills, is able to defeat several upperclassmen in order to become one of the regulars.

Becoming a regular in the team is one thing while achieving the ultimate goal of the team is another. Ryoma begins to learn and improve complex techniques in the art of playing tennis while gaining new friends along the way. The ultimate goal of the team is to win the National Middle School Tennis championship. While developing his own style of playing tennis, Ryoma also learns the importance and essence of tennis to the kid's life. 

Another upbeat anime show to watch on one’s birthday is Skip Beat! The story revolves around a bright 16-year-old girl who goes by the name of Kyouko Mogami. Diligent but naive, Kyouko works extremely hard in order to support her childhood friend and crush, Shotarou Fuwa, achieve his lifelong dream and career. A rising pop icon, Shou’s popularity is growing thanks to Kyouko. Aside from moral support, she also goes to burger joints and tea ceremonies as errands for her crush.

However, one day, Kyouko discovers how Shou sees her as nothing but a free servant. Shocked and deeply broken, Kyouko begins to feel anger towards Shou. From there, she promises to exact revenge on the man who broke her heart and used her for his own good. She decides to enter the world of entertainment and beat Shou. As she takes on this new role, she takes up new challenges and obstacles as she makes her way to the top. Through this, Kyouko also learns to get out of her comfort zone and to take the future into her own hands.

Best Japanese Anime Shows

By Trigger (http://tv.littlewitchacademia.jp/) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

One would like to suggest watching the anime show entitled Little Witch Academia. As the title suggests, the theme of the story is witches. The story revolves around a cheerful girl who goes by the name of Atsuko Kagari. She enters Luna Nova Academy in the hopes of achieving her dream to become a witch just like her idol, Shiny Chariot. Her idol is a well-known witch who vanished from the public eye several years ago. Kagari meets and becomes friends with two girls on her way to school. These friends are Lotte Yanson, the kind one, and Sucy Manbavaran, the mischievous one.

Despite her high hopes of becoming a good witch, Atsuko is faced with a challenge of having to learn the magical curriculum from scratch. This is because unlike her schoolmates, Atsuko did not come from a magical family, which puts her at a serious disadvantage. One day, she discovers the mysterious Shiny Rod, an item that previously belonged to Chariot. She must learn how to activate and use the item properly in order for her to find out what exactly happened to Chariot. The artists in this show definitely did a great job with the effects of the show.

Another version of a fantasy-themed happy anime show is entitled Aa! Megami-sama. Also known as Ah! My Goddess in English, this anime depicts a world wherein human beings can make any wish and this wish would be granted. Wishes are made through the Goddess Help Hotline. A man who goes by the name of Keiichi Morisato accidentally calls the Goddess Belldandy and makes a wish that she stay with him until the end of time as a joke.

Unfortunately for Keiichi, his accidental wish was granted. Now living with a beautiful woman, Keiichi was eventually kicked out of the all-male dormitory where he was residing in. Later on, they find residence in a Buddhist temple, where the relationship of the two starts to grow and blossom. Despite the awkwardness at the beginning, their budding relationship becomes a full-blown romance through time, as can be seen in the anime videos.

For a preference for a more supernatural theme, check out the happy anime entitled Natsume Yuujinchou. Also known as Natsume’s Book of Friends, this show revolves around the life of a 15-year-old boy who goes by the name of Takashi Natsume. Being the grandson of Reiko, a woman who had spirits under her control during her time, he inherited the Yuujinchou, also known as the Book of Friends. The book is comprised of names of the spirits that Reiko was able to hold under her control. Now in the hands of Natsume, the book provides Natsume this power as well, which is the reason why enraged spirits are going after him to get their freedom.

Now an orphan with no loving home, Natsume is always looking for some place safe and peaceful. Constantly being under the attack of hostile and merciless youkai, Natsume cannot seem to get some peace. However, he attains a self-proclaimed bodyguard and a companion in one in the body of Madara. Often called Nyanko-sensei, Madara is a feline spirit that accompanies and helps Natsume in his struggles.

Great Anime Shows with Good Songs

By TBS (http://www.tbs.co.jp/anime/k-on/) [Public domain or CC BY-SA 4.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

One thing that makes happy anime shows all better is its soundtracks or songs. Probably one of the best anime shows out there that incorporates great songs in the show is K-On! The show revolves around a young, carefree girl who goes by the name of Hirasawa Yui. One day, she finds a poster that advertises the “Light Music Club.” Being spontaneous, Yui decides to sign up despite the fact that she does not know how to play a single instrument.

Upon entering the clubroom to give an explanation, the other members of the group, Ritsu, Mio, and Tsumugi greet her. Despite Yui’s lack of skills in the music, the members still try to convince Yui to stay to avoid the disbandment of their club. Yui eventually decides to stay upon hearing a short piece of music that the members played for her. She begins to learn how to play the guitar while still juggling schoolwork. The story recounts her experience as she takes steps in improving her musical skills. Its opening song also sounds catchy.

Other great anime that contain good songs include Ookami to Koushinryou, which is also a must-watch. Of course, there is still a lot of anime shows that one can binge-watch when one is just feeling happy or needs a pick-me-up. The purpose of these happy anime shows is not just to lift the mood of the viewers but also to entertain them and let them learn some lessons from the characters in the show through their various experiences and insights.