The Ultimate Guide to the Tokyo Motor Show

What is the Tokyo Motor Show?

This is one of the largest car shows in all of Japan as it features the latest models of the most popular automobiles and motorcycles of the time. The Tokyo Motor Show is held twice a year every October and November of every year. The Tokyo Motor Show is part of what is known as the Big Five. These are the five most prestigious and most awaited car shows of the year – Geneva, Detroit, Paris, Frankfurt, and Tokyo.

During this show, manufacturing companies show their beta-prototypes to the world. They reveal the make of the car – its engine capacity, speed limits, energy consumption, and more. What most audiences and visitors enjoy is the reveal of how it looks like and how it compares to its earlier version. They also enjoy the features of newly upgraded engines.

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An auto show usually provides an avenue for dealers, journalists, and car enthusiasts to come together and share their passion for cars and motorcycles. It is also a time for manufacturers to advertise their latest models and prototypes. It is also a great way to promote new car brands which are just about the penetrate the local market.

The Tokyo Motor Show is one of the largest car shows in all of Asia. It is one of the most awaited shows of the year because any promised reveals which have not been included in the Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany can be released either in the LA show or the Tokyo show.

Tokyo Motor Show logo

The theme and the logo of the Tokyo Motor Show vary on a yearly basis. The theme of the show for 2017 would be “Beyond the Motor” which explores the value of the automobile industry in access to its typical function. The show hopes to bring together knowledge and expertise from globally leading industries to show how else automobiles could be enjoyed.

It hopes to explore new concepts and technologies that enhance automobile performances to beyond what consumers can imagine. Furthermore, the show aims to invite great minds that could provide conferences and virtual reality events that will help make the consumers get a glimpse of what the next-generation of vehicles will look and feel like.

The theme of the motor show is to look beyond the present and into the future – to maximize what the automobile industry can already do it push it further to its limitations. The show aims to help consumers realize the value of automobiles beyond its normal functions.

Tokyo Motor Show Founder

All credits go to the organizers of the show which change on a yearly basis. This year, organizers aim to feature the latest productions and units of both local and international brands. World debuts are also expected from the Tokyo Motor Show which gives a chance for fans and car lovers to see the latest technologies.

This year, the Tokyo Motor Show will be hosted by the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association or JAMA. This is an association that provides a platform and an avenue for automobile manufacturers in Japan to share the management and manufacturing practices as well as technological advancements that can help the automobile industry in the country grow further.

Members of this association include Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Mazda, Subaru, and more. The most priced membership would be from the Big three – Toyota, Nissan, and Honda because they are the power players of the car manufacturing industry in Japan. With productions that shoot to the roof on a yearly basis not only distributing locally but to different parts of the world.

The association also include smaller car manufacturers to help them in their productions and increase their sales these include Spoon Sports and Mitsuoka. They provide development for sports vehicles and the like.

When was the First Tokyo Motor Show?

The first Tokyo Motor Show was held in April of 1954. During this time, they have been trying to penetrate the market and introduce family transport. They tried to encourage families to buy their own cars instead of hiring personal drivers. At this time, the show was held in the Hibiya Park and the show was still known originally as the All Japan Motor Show.

The entire first show lasted a total of ten days and it was recorded to have gathered more than 500,000 visitors. Just like any typical car show, the Tokyo Motor show featured a number of very prominent and popular cars at the time. These include Renault 4CV, Datsun Passenger deluxe, three-wheeled vehicles from Daihatsu, and Hillman Minx.

Tokyo Motor Show Features

Passenger Vehicles

The majority of the vehicles which will be exhibited would be passenger vehicles from different automobile manufacturers in Japan. They are showing new concepts to see how well the public will be receiving their cutting edge designs and technologies, a way to ready themselves for the coming mass production. Usually, automobile manufacturers feature their latest models and design, including the latest developments in their engines, to keep the fans excited and wanting.

This year, the most awaited designs would be from Nissan with their Concept Z. Other cars that are awaited for this year would be those that were not revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany.


In smaller quantities, motorcycle makers like Yamaha, Suzuki, and Honda show their latest models. These range from the premium to affordable quality. They also reveal all passenger motorcycles next to their racing models. They will also feature their latest concepts to see a general public reception so they could make necessary adjustments before they push the go button for manufacturing.

Commerical Vehicles

Impressively, there are commercial vehicles on the show as well like school buses, passenger buses, vans, and even trucks. These are for the examination and viewing of major transport groups and business owners not only in Japan but in different parts of the world. There are also presentations of the concepts of the latest technologies from different commercial vehicle manufacturers.

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Where to buy Tokyo Motor Show Tickets?

For the 2017 show, there are a number of means to get tickets. There are online platforms that sell tickets to individuals. The stadium itself also sell tickets. There are promotions and ads that give out free tickets to individuals as giveaways to fans.

In this year’s show, the admission tickets shall be 1800 yen for those buying the tickets on the spot. For advanced tickets, they will only pay 1,600 yen. Sunday tickets are also cheaper for only 900 yen. There are special prize tickets as well for the preview day - this has a special prize which costs double of the ordinary ticket.

What to expect: Tokyo Motor Show 2017

Tokyo Motor Show Date

It is usual for the Tokyo Motor Show to happen every October and November of the year. However, there had been incidents in the past where the dates did not fall exactly when it was expected. The good thing is that for 2017, the motor show will be expected to start on the 28th of October up until the 5th of November.

Its opening hours are between 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM from Mondays to Saturdays. On the other hand, the exhibit closes earlier during Sundays. They close at 6:00 PM on Sundays.

Tokyo Motor Show Location

Most of the Tokyo Motor Shows which have been held since it was established in the 1950s is held at Hibiya Park. This is a large open space located in the Chiyoda City of Tokyo and was developed in the early 1900s. At the time, this was one of the largest open areas in the city that could house more than two hundred vehicles on display. Not only that, the Hibiya Park is a great tourist destination so it would be easier to attract guests, visitors and audiences to the car show.

Then, in the late 1950s, the venue was transferred to the Korakuen Bicycle Race Stadium because Hibiya Park was being reconstructed. The next year, the location was transferred to the Japan Trade Center and it was the first time that the Motor Show was held in an indoor space.

Up until the construction of the Tokyo Big Sight Inc. in 1996, the venue of the Tokyo Motor Show varied every year. The Tokyo Big Sight is one of the largest convention centers in the country. It has a total area of about 230,000 square meters enough to house hundreds of cars, hundreds of commercial vehicles, and motorcycles. It is so large that it actually ranks as one of the largest convention centers in the world.

This particular venue is located a the Ariake Neighborhood of the Koto Ward of Tokyo. Specifically, it is located in one of the large reclaimed areas of Tokyo Bay and is widely known as Odaiba. The location is very easy to access because it could be reached via local train or bus. People who took the train can go down at the Kokusai-Tenjijo Seimon station of the Yurikamome Line.

Tokyo Motor Show 2017 Press Days

The press days of the Tokyo Motor Show for 2017 will start on the 25th and 26th of October. This is the time when the exhibits are exclusive only for the media. This is to ensure great coverage of the exhibits and the shows. This is the time when members of the media ask developers and manufacturers about their plans for production, release, and upgrades. October 27 will be the preview day of the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show.

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Usually, the Tokyo Motor Show is awaited on a yearly basis because it is one of the last shows of the year. The media feasts on the delicious reveals and teasers which are released during the motor shows. Usually, if a certain car manufacturer promised something for the coming year it will appear on either one of the many popular car shows held throughout the globe.

Tokyo Motor Show Nissan Z

One of the most awaited highlights of this year’s motor show would be the official reveal of the Nissan Z Concept. This is a vehicle that took more than 8 years in development and fans are excited about its production. The car manufacturing company shall reveal the latest make and show the world what their new Z concept vehicle is capable of.

It is said that this new Nissan Z shall not only be smaller but more affordable. It will maintain and further improve, its impressive car engine placing it well against its high-performance competitors. Fans are excited what to expect from the prototype as the new models are yet to be released by 2019.

What to watch out for Tokyo Motor Show 2018

Tokyo Motor Show dates

Since the Tokyo Motor Show, 2017 is still under works, plans are yet to be made for the motor show for 2018. The date shall be revealed early 2018, but fans shall expect the show to be held between October or November next year. The location is still yet to be known and shall be announced with the date announcement.

Furthermore, the logo and concept for the Tokyo Motor Show 2018 might be revealed after the 2017 show with the organizers giving a short glimpse of what to expect for the car show next year. Fans are now excited for the current car show and are still expecting to be surprised from the 2017 show.

Other Car shows for Auto lovers in Japan

There are other car shows, but minor shows, that could be looked out for in Japan. One of this would be the 2017 NS Rounder Car Show which features both passenger vehicles, trucks, and buses. There is also the Fresh Tokyo Car Meet that allows custom shops to feature their best work.

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There is also a car show dedicated to the classic cars like the Annual Japanese Classic Car Show which is annually held in the third week of September. This features all the classic cars which have been manufactured by big manufacturing companies in Japan.