Korg Instruments: Making Music Fun

Music is an age-old element that continues to develop around the world today. It is created and played not just for entertainment but also for relaxation. It evokes emotions from people who actually feel it in their bones. Music continues to be developed to this day, thanks to the people’s love for it. It can be emotional, thought-provoking, and fun. Musical instruments are made to help make music sound better and in tune. One of the most noteworthy musical instrument companies in the world can be found in Japan known as Korg.

An Overview of Korg and Its Role in the Music Industry Plus the Korg Gadget

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Founded in the year 1963, Korg aims to create musical instruments “that make music fun.” The main goal of the brand is to create musical instruments that would let users obtain new experiences in music and help them make better performances. Thanks to this goal, Korg was able to create the first disc-based rhythm machine in Japan called the Doncamatic.

This creation was then followed by the development of the first synthesizer in Japan as well as the first needle-type tuner in the world. Through the years, Korg has continued to develop unique musical instruments that would help people around the world discovering new types of music. These new types of music could be enjoyed by people around the world.

While continuing to innovate musical instruments, Korg ensures that its musical instruments are still made out of high-quality materials by the hands of professional artists and creators. Even though some of these instruments are unconventional, Korg aspires to make each one an approachable product that even beginners can enjoy. Korg sees its products as “reflections of the ideas and values” of artists and music enthusiasts.

Established on the 28th of August in the year 1963, Korg currently has a capital of 480 million yen. Registered on the 10th of January in the year 1964, the company Korg Inc. has 290 employees. Its primary business is manufacturing and selling different kinds of electronic musical instruments. These include synthesizers, signal processors, digital pianos, and tuners.

Aside from this, Korg also sells and manufactures peripheral equipment of electronic musical instruments as well as digital recording equipment. The company is also into wholesale of imported products. At present, the president of Korg Inc. is Seiki Kato. Its board of directors includes Makoto Kato, Sakae Yoshinaga, and Tomoko Kosaka.

The head office of Korg Inc. is located at 4015-2, Yanokuchi, Inagi-shi, Tokyo, 206-0812, Japan. The company also has sales branches in other parts of Japan such as Tokyo, Fukuoka, Osaka, and Nagoya. The head office telephone number is +81-42-379-5771 while its fax number is +81-42-379-5773.

Korg also has subsidiaries in other countries. One of these is Korg U.S.A. Inc. its office is located at 316 South Service Road, Melville, N.Y. 11747 U.S.A. Its telephone number is 1-631-390-6500 while its fax number is 1-631-390-6501. Korg (UK) Limited is another subsidiary of Korg that is located in the UK. The address of this office is 1 Harrison Close, Knowlhill, Milton Keynes, U.K. Its telephone number is 44-190-830-4600 while its fax number is 44-190-830-4699.

In Italy, its subsidiary is Korg Italy S.p.A. It is located at Via Cagiata, 85-60027 Osimo, Ancona, Italy. Its telephone number is +39-071-727161 while its fax number is +39-071-7231228. On the other hand, the company’s subsidiary in Hong Kong is called KORG HK Ltd. The address of this office is Unit 1619, Metropolis Tower, 10 Metropolis Drive, Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong. The office can be reached through their telephone number, which is +852-2511-7163. On the other hand, it also has a fax number of +852-2587-9669.

Aside from tangible musical instruments, Korg has also released its own musical software called Korg Gadget.  It is a music production software that is available for iPhone and iPad users. It features over 30 small synthesizes and drum machines, which are also called “gadgets.” These elements in the software can be combined together in order to create a wide range of music.

At present, the software has also become available for Mac. This version features the Gadget Plug-In Collection, which is basically a compilation of plug-ins that support VST, NKS, AU, and AAX. Thanks to these developments, users can now use the software on their Mac at home or on mobile when they are on the go.

Korg Digital Pianos: B1, D1, and Kronos

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Korg is quite well-known for its production of exemplary digital pianos. One of these pianos is the B1. The Korg B1 Digital Piano is compact as well as cost-effective. Its key features include an authentic keyboard touch, ease of use, and great sound quality.

Cutting-edge technologies were used to actually build the Korg B1 Digital Piano. Using high-quality materials, this model exudes class and performs well. It stands on its own, unlike other pianos that are designed to be a lower version of previous models. The Korg B1 Digital Piano can also be great for beginners as well as for those who stopped playing piano for some time and would like to start practicing again.

The B1 Digital Piano also features the servo-assisted MFB technology of Korg, which lets users attain those rich, deep tones that usually come out of an acoustic piano. This model also offers a pair of full-range speakers as well as a passive radiator. The resonant tones produced by this piano are rich and sound just like those produced by a large body of an acoustic piano.

Another model of digital piano worth checking out is the Korg D1. A slim piano, the D1 gives off the playing feel or vibe of a grand piano. It is great for people who practice daily as well as for live performances. On the other hand, the D1 does not feature a speaker.

Nonetheless, one of the great things about this piano is that it is great not only for classical music but for other genres of music as well such as jazz, funk, or rock. The D1 is also great for mobility so one can play it in a practice room or just about anywhere. Its playing feel is also carefully fine-tuned.

Despite its playing feel of a grand piano, the D1 is portable and easy to carry thanks to its compact and slim design. Despite this compactness, its quality in terms of material and sound is still top notch. The piano features a high-quality keybed as well as a wide range of 30 sounds.

As for a music station, one of the highlight products of Korg is the Kronos. It features 9 distinct sound engines and each of these can function as a stand-alone synthesizer. Each engine features programming parameters, integrated effects, real-time controllers, and assigned modulation routings. With these features combined, each engine offers great control for creating and design custom edits and sounds.

The Kronos has its own piano engine called the SGX-2 Grand Piano Sound Engine. It features a wide range of non-looped/natural decay stereo samples. It also offers unique tools to help users customize the piano according to what they need. This sound engine also inherited the functionality of its predecessor the SGX-1.

The music station features an internal SSD that has a capacity of 62 gigabytes, which is already quite generous in terms of memory. This amount of space is considerably huge for user sampling or for allotment for Kronos Sound Libraries. The libraries feature new sounds that were programmed by professionals that would let users no longer need to add any new hardware to their music station.

Korg Synthesizers: Prologue, Monologue, Minilogue, and Volca Keys

Korg is probably most known for its synthesizers. It has a wide range of synthesizers and one of them is the prologue. It is a professional synthesizer that is full of features as well as fully programmable. It is the flagship synthesizer of Korg.

A polyphonic analog synthesizer, the prologue also comes with a full-sized keyboard and powerful analog circuits. These circuits also came from the previous models of the series. The prologue also features DSP-based effects as well as a newly developed digital multi-engine. It lets users customize with a plethora of possibilities and with a wide range of sounds.

The lineup consists of two models. These models cater to the needs of the users anywhere they wish to create music, may it be on stage, at home, or in a studio. These two models are the 16-voice 61-key prologue-16 and the 8-voice 49-key prologue-8. The sounds that the prologue creates go further than the capabilities of existing analog synthesizers.

Next up on the line is the monologue. It is a monophonic synthesizer that is also fully programmable. It features 25 keys, a sleek layout, and a knob-per-function workflow. It also features new voicing as well as abilities in sound sculpting. The monologue also comes with a new filter, drive, modulation, and LFO. Together, these features create powerful basses as well as sharp leads.

The monologue also has a step sequencer that was expanded from its predecessor. It lets users make more complex editing. This equipment also comes in five vibrant colors that are just eye-catching. Sleek and compact, coupled with a rich hue, this synthesizer is definitely something worth checking out.

An analog polyphonic synthesizer, the minilogue is also a noteworthy equipment produced by Korg. It comes with 37 slim keys and a stylish and innovative look. Its circuit was a product of new development that successfully delivers. The synthesizer is able to create powerful sounds that are usually only possible with real analog.

The minilogue features a polyphonic step and motion sequencer, options for numerous sound shaping and filter, onboard tape-style delay, and an oscilloscope display. With all these features combined, the minilogue is a synthesizer that is not just powerful but also easy to use. It makes creating music fun. It can also be a great analog synthesizer for beginners.

Last but certainly not the least is the Volca Keys. It is an analog lead synthesizer that comes with 27 keys. Despite its compact body, this equipment is able to deliver powerful sounds. It features a sequencer as well as delay effects. This product is perfect for beginners.

The musical instrument company Korg has already made its name quite famous around the world, especially in the music industry. For people who are into creating sounds and music, looking into Korg and its products is most certainly a must.

While some of its products may be a bit steep in terms of price, its high quality definitely makes up for it and makes Korg products worth the splurge. After all, it is not just about the equipment, it is about the sound and the music that one can create through the use of the said equipment. Let these musical instruments make music fun.