Subaru WRX STi: The Car of the Future

Subaru History

The company, Subaru, is an automobile manufacturing company that was est. on July of the year 1953. It was founded by Mr. Chikuhei Nakajima and Mr. Kenji Kita and was formerly known as Fuji Heavy Industries. Ever since it started, Subaru has been making and exporting quality automobiles worldwide. The headquarter is located at Shibuya, Japan. This company has been known for its legacy in incorporating boxer engine in most of their manufactured vehicles above 1,500 cc. Also, the standard equipment has been set by the boxer engine and all-wheel drive (AWD). The supercharged version of their cars can be seen in the Impreza WRX and Legacy 2.5 GT models. 

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In the year 1915, Fuji Heavy Industries initially was known as The Aircraft Research Laboratory. Then, in the year 1932, the company was then changed to Nakajima Aircraft Company, Ltd. That has been making aircraft for Imperial Japan during the World War II. In the year 1946, the company was reorganized into Fuji Sangyo Co. Ltd.

Then the president, Mr. Kita wanted to build an automobile manufacturing company and had already built and planned the first prototype. When he was thinking of what to name the company, he thought of Subaru, which means the Pleiades star cluster when translated into Japanese. In fact, the former logo of Subaru was designed with six stars similar to the appearance of the star cluster.

The first created car model by Subaru was the Subaru 1500. Then, it was followed by the Subaru 360, the Sambar, and Subaru 1000. In other Asian countries outside of Japan, subsidiary continues to operate and provide Subaru cars to the local consumers. In Hong Kong, it is supplied by the Motor Image Group that is managed by Mr. Glenn Tan. Then, in the Philippines, the subsidiary is owned by Motor Image Pilipinas, Inc. and has a number of auto dealership shops throughout the country. Subaru eventually participated in the World Rally Championship. This is where Impreza WRX and WRX STi has been successfully making its name.

Different variances of WRX STi

Subaru WRX STi Takumi

This car model was released and unveiled in the year 2018 during the Motorsport Japan. The concept of this edition is based on the WRX STi hatchback series but a little upgraded. It already has enhanced shocks, suspensions, and modified exterior.

20th Anniversary edition of the WRX STi

This is a limited edition, with only 300 units produced, and based on the concept of the Impreza WRX STi hatchback. Since it is a limited edition, it is only available for sale to the local Japanese market. It has a different set of shock and suspensions. On the other hand, the interior is covered with Recaro leather seats with red stitching details.

WRX STi Spec C

This is a limited version of the Impreza WRX STi that was exclusively released to the local Japanese market. It was released in the year 2009 and comes with enhanced power steering and reduced weight for better acceleration. It has a similar version, the WRX STi Special edition (MY 2010) that is only for sale for the North American consumers.

WRX STi A-line

This is an improved version of the Impreza WRX STi that has five-speed transmission and semi-automatic. It has a steering wheel that has a paddle shifter mounted on it. It was on sale in countries like Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, and later on in Australia.

WRX STi S208

The WRX STi S208 is a variance from the trademark features of the WRX STi. This car model was revealed by Subaru at the Tokyo Motor Show that is a limited edition of the WRX STi. It has been believed that only 450 units were released to the Japanese consumers. For the car enthusiasts, to be able to grab this limited version of WRX STi, it has to be through a ballot (like winning the lottery). The 350 units were offered with Nurburgring (NBR) Starter Pack.

The engine is upgraded into 2.5 Liters 4-cylinder engine that produces an enhanced power of 324 horsepower and torque increased to 319 lb. ft. from 295 lb. ft. The NBR pack is like the STi S208.2 version that has added features. The S208 is available in two colors: Crystal White and World Rally Blue. For the NBR challenge pack offers a third color, Cool Gray Khaki.

The additional features of the NBR pack include carbon fiber trunk lip, carbon fiber wing, and carbon fiber roof, which helps lessen the center of gravity. Furthermore, it is equipped with 19-inch BBS Black aluminum wheels, black side and black mirror. The price for the S208 is around 5.8 Million Yen and 6.6 Million Yen for the NBR challenge-equipped pack.


Subaru offers a sports motor car like no other, the WRX STi Type RA is another limited edition for car collectors and enthusiasts. Interestingly, there are only 500 units produced for this car model, and it is individually numbered to determine its exclusivity with the WRX STi badge stamped at its rear. It is available in selected dealer shops in the United States with colors in Crystal black silica, Crystal white pearl, and WR Blue Pearl. Out of the 500 units that were released, the blue color comprises almost 50% of the total Type RA cars. It is for sale at a price of around $50,000.

Tokumeigakarinoaoshima [CC0]

This vehicle is an all-wheel drive, front engine, 4-door sedan that has a capacity for 5 people. It is equipped with DOHC turbocharged and inter-cooled 16-valve engine to reach its maximum performance. The engine produces a power of 310 horsepower at 6,000 rpm with its torque at 290 lb. ft. at 4,000 rpm. The dimension of the car is measured at 181.3 inches for the length, 70.7 inches for the width, and 58.1 inches for the height. The performance of its speed can reach up to 155 mph. In addition to this, fuel economy is at 22 mpg for highway driving, 16 mpg for city driving, and 18 mpg for combined.

WRX STi 0-60

The Subaru 0-60 is an online website that contains information on the different car models and their specifications. It is a listing of the car's performance based on 0-60 times and quarter mile data that are gathered from different sources. The Subaru models are then classified into the 0-60 time, quarter-mile time, model year, and in alphabetical order.

For example, the 2015 WRX STi Sedan is at 4.6 for the 0-60 mph and 13.2 quarter mile. The 2011 Subaru Impreza WRI STi premium model is at 4.9 for the 0-60 mph and 13.5 for the quarter mile. From then, car models can also be compared with one another. In addition to this, photos are also included in this website. Although, there is a disclaimer that they do not guarantee the accuracy of the data provided for each model car. The website also includes 2018 Subaru Outback reviews and new Subaru prices.

WRX STi for sale

For interested buyers, the listing and the specification of each model can be seen through the website. Also, there are lists of authorized dealer shops available that is near the location of the buyer. There are also accessories available online such as on Amazon. One example of which is the Subaru STi Rally light bar, also known as the bull bar or nudge bar. It is custom fit for 2015 to 2017 STi models.

WRX STi specs and engine and its horsepower

When the Subaru WRX STi first came out in October 2007 at the Tokyo Auto Show, it was equipped with 2.0 Liter EJ 207 engine that can generate 227 kW power at 6,500 RPM. Then, it was upgraded to 2.5 Liter EJ 257 engine. The STi is different from the WRX due to its wider body and wheel arches that are flared. It is believed that the most notable feature of the STi is the enormous rear spoiler. Some features that were also added are an electric sunroof, satellite navigation, leather upholstery, and BBS wheels. The Recaro seat interior was also introduced.

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Subaru WRX STi 2017

The 2017 model of the WRX STi is another creation by the Japanese company, Subaru. For years, Subaru has been making the top of the line car models with extraordinary performances. In particular, the 2017 Impreza model is a compact car that is a four-door sedan with five-seat capacity. It has an engine capacity of 2,457 cc with four cylinders, running on Premium unleaded petrol fuel type. In addition to this, it is an all-wheel drive (AWD). The fuel tank has a capacity of 60 Liters and the consumption is about 10L/100km. The WRX STi 2017 has a total height of 1,475 mm, a total length of 4,595 mm, and a total width of 1,795 mm. The gas mileage is at 20 mpg for city driving and 27 mpg for high way driving. The transmission is 6-speed Close-Ratio manual.

The entertainment features of the 2017 edition are also updated as it is. It has Bluetooth hands free connectivity and it can be connected to an iPhone or iPod for music streaming. Also, it has a rear-view camera. It is also capable of sending text messages even while driving through the use of Bluetooth. Aside from the mentioned features, it comes with two LCD monitors located in the front of the car near the steering wheel. It has its own navigation tool and smartphone integration embedded into its system. Both the car seats and steering wheel are covered with leather. As of today, the price of this remarkable edition of Subaru is around $48,000 to $50,000.

WRX STi 2018

The WRX STi 2018 is said to have set the standards higher compared to other models that came out the same year. This model is an upgrade from the WRX STi that was released in 2017 with additional features that surely the owner will enjoy. It is powered by a 2.5 Liters 4-cylinder Subaru Boxer engine that produces 305 horsepower. It also includes a 6-speed manual transmission. It has a high-performance sports suspension. In the interior, it has a leather-trimmed upholstery with a red sophisticated accent that it makes it more luxurious. Also, it comes with red seat belts. For the entertainment aspect, it has advance smartphone app integration. In addition to this, audio streaming and text messaging are already hands-free. It is equipped with an LCD touchscreen display that can be connected to a smartphone using Bluetooth. Furthermore, it has integrated monthly vehicle status report and updates maintenance notifications if the car needs any repair.

WRX STi 2019

The 2019 model is much awaited by the car enthusiast, especially by the Subaru fans. There are several updated news that declares that the horsepower of the new model is increased by 5, which is basically a big deal. The new model is equipped with an update and enhanced 2.5 Liter EJ engine that is patterned from the Subaru STi Type RA, thus producing 305 horsepower.

With the new engine, it only means that it will provide new power, a more efficient exhaust system, and an enhanced and faster acceleration. The 2019 WRX STi also will be available in an exclusive limited edition cool gray khaki color that the consumers will love. In addition to this, other features offered include brake calipers that are painted with silver, wheels that are black-finished, interior that are I suede black, and seats that come in Recaro Bilstein, and double rear suspension.

Furthermore, Subaru added the Apple car play and Android Auto support to its system. Also, the display screen is increased to 6.5 inches high-resolution touchscreen from last year's 6.2. In addition to this, another modification is the incorporation of the Eyesight active safety system.

This system provides cruise control, warning before any collision, and assisting with keeping the lane. This model also comes with LED fog light and push-button start that does not require a key. The price for the WRX STi 2019 will start at $39,695, manual transmission at $28,080, and STI limited at $42,280 upon its release.