Everything about the Average Height for a Man in Japan

The height of a man and a woman is an interesting subject because it is one of the few things on this earth that people almost always secretly care about. A person cares about his or her very own height for his or her own reason while also caring or having a preference for the height of their ideal partner. Taller isn’t necessarily better or more wanted in all occasions but there are advantages it can give you in sports, it would make sense why more people would prefer to have a life partner that is taller than they are. In Japan, these concerns about height are also a reality but the good thing is that there seems to be an improvement for Japan in this regard in the most recent decades.

The Average Height for a Man and a Woman in Japan Based on Data From 2016

Finding a reliable source or journal for this type of material can be hard to do online because most sources do not explain their sample size or go into detail with how they conducted the surveys. This is very important to know because, for all you know, you are believing and sharing “results” from a survey that only actually sampled 50 people before generalizing it for the entire nation. Luckily, there is an enthusiast that went through the hassle of conducting this survey with all the proper details included to prove that his studies were real and accurate.


Nihonjoe [CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/)]


This man got adults who were 20 to 24 years old and grouped them together. This conscripted one group and he did the same for those who were 25 to 29, 30 to 34, and 35 to 39 until 75 to 79. In total, there were 12 age groups per gender with a little over 1000 samples per group. With those values backing up this study, you can have more certainty that the results you will be recording will be as true as it can be. It doesn’t cover the entire population of Japan but it is a notable urban sample size so, statistically, it is dependable. Also, note that the ages that fall under the adolescent years of a child were not included in the study because those who are in that age group are still growing.

For each group, he took note of their height in cm and ft and with that data, he got the averages along with the standard deviation or SD. To explain what the SD is simply, you can think of it as the buffer a certain statistic has. There is a fixed average for the group but, more or less, the individual heights of the people who make up the sample group vary by the SD. Now that these details are clear, you can better understand the information about the survey.

For the men, those who were at age 75 to 79 in 2016 recorded an average height of 162.99 cm or 5 ft 4 inches with a standard deviation of 5.58. Those who were included in the ages from 65 to 74 recorded about 165 cm or 5 ft 5 inches with a standard deviation of 5.85. This trend would continue until the average heights recorded plateaued at 171.90 cm or 5 ft 8 inches and this flat line would start from the age of 20 to 49. The trend of the data for the ladies was practically identical to that of the males. It might not be apparent but this is good news for those of you who want the Japanese population to grow taller in general. Some of the elderly’s shortening of height may be due to the deterioration of bones but it should only affect then by an inch or an inch and a half at most. With this said, the youth of today until the upcoming senior citizens of this period in time are the tallest generations there have ever been alive in Japan, at least according to the samples of this survey.  

The Average Height for Males in Japan in Comparison to the Rest of the World


Gabriel Synnaeve [CC BY-SA 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)]


There are many countries around the world and if you search online well enough, you will be able to find a PDF of a study or a quotation of some sort that shows a very close approximation of the averages heights each country has. It isn’t published by a state university or a PMID citation nor does it have a chart to match but the fact that it has an estimate of national average heights across the globe can make it a very good piece of data you can analyze and compare within the real world later on.

Since you just learned about the average height of certain Japanese generations, it would be a good thing to start from Japan once again to compare the data here to the data in the previous survey. In this study, it states that Japan’s average male height is now at 5 ft 7 inches while the average female height is now at 5 ft 3 inches. These results are practically identical to that of the previously discussed survey and that should assure you that the data can be trusted.

This study has data on American height, which is recorded to be at 178.2 cm, as well as the height of people who come from the Republic of South Korea, which is at 175.3 cm. It also states that China’s average male height is at 169.4 cm while those from the United Kingdom stand at an average height of 176.8 cm. This information may be interesting to some because without knowing the exact differences in height, one could easily assume that English people are taller than Americans. This might not mean much to you but if used wisely, you can use the knowledge to scope out where you can find people with the best features for sports like long-limbed folks or quick runners.

There are way too many countries on this list for you remember them all at once but if there was something you should definitely learn and remember about this list, it would be who ranked first and last. Of the 57 countries, you can find on this list, the tallest amongst all is none other than the people from Dinaric Alps. Their males stand at a height of 6 ft 10 inches while their females stand at a height of 5 ft 8 inches. For people in one place to, on average, be that all is not something you see everywhere in this world. If you are a person interested in that fact and you want to experience being the shortest person in a place, you should book a flight to the Alps for the experience. Contrary to this, the shortest recorded average heights recorded for male and female were 5 ft 2 inches and 4 ft 9 inches, respectively, and it belonged to Guatemala. With this said, if you want to be one of the tallest people around and you are above 5 ft 2 inches, Guatemala should be the next vacation place you hit up.

Ways to Increase Your Chance to Grow Taller

IQRemix [CC BY-SA 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)]

There isn’t much you can do to grow more than what your genes limit you to but it isn’t completely up to the genes so it wouldn’t hurt to try and make yourself grow as much as you can. As a child, you must have heard different things to do and follow to maximize the growth spurts that you were encountering or going through. Things like sleeping early and drinking milk must have been the most used advice when it comes to this matter. There are, however, more ways than just those two things that can really increase your chances to grow even just an inch or two more than you really should.

Before anything else, you should note that the more things you do for yourself when it comes to helping yourself grow, the better. With this being the case, you should still definitely try to get enough sleep and drink milk for the calcium it gives your bones. In addition to those basics, it has been proven the stretching when you wake up and before you sleep also boosts your chances of growing. This is because you are able to decompress your spine and your back through stretching and the decompression lessens the work your body has to do to stretch out to make you grow longer and taller.

Another good one would be balancing your diet. You do not necessarily have to apply a ratio to your food but try to get as much lean meat and veggies into your system. If you can get your hands on food with loads of vitamin D, try mixing that into your meals as well because that also enhances bone development.  Also, try to add seafood to your meals when you can to ensure that you have enough zinc. It isn’t a vitamin that makes you taller but a deficiency of it may prevent you from growing so you wouldn’t want that either.

Exercising is also a part of the many things you can do to stimulate growth because, as you already know, when you exercise, your blood flows. This flow affects your entire body and that type of stimulation is good especially if you want to secret certain hormones to get your body pumping some growth hormones. In addition to the stimulation, exercising gives the body, the sweat that you let out during exercise is great detoxification for a body. When there are fewer toxins in your body, it will lean towards positive growth which is why it is also vital for increasing the chances for growth in height.

This list can go on and on but if you miss out one important thing, it will all go to waste. That thing that you cannot afford to forget is consistency. You can’t just eat right and sleep well one week and then completely change it up the following week. Your body needs time to adjust and if you are training it to be more efficient, then you must not confuse it by altering what you want to be the norm for yourself.  With all the information you can find here, all that is left for you to do is to just do it constantly. Once you create that routine, it becomes almost impossible that you do not grow to your maximum potential in terms of height. On the slight chance that you do not grow despite doing all these things by the book, at least you would have never regret not trying because you know it in yourself that you did everything under your control to try to make the odds work for you.