BUYMA: Exploring This Personal Shopping Website from Japan

One of the best things to do when visiting Japan is to go shopping. The shopping craze in Japan is so high that there are several districts in its capital that are known just for shopping. There are numerous malls all over the country that one can go to and shop in. With the help of modern technology, shopping can now also be done online. One of the most well-known online shopping services in Japan is BUYMA.

Introducing BUYMA, A Japanese Social Shopping Service

Serving as the core business of ENIGMO, BUYMA is considered as the biggest social fashion online shopping website in Japan. It offers a wide range of retail products sourced from different parts of the world. The website is also known to offer the latest items in the global fashion industry.

BUYMA basically serves as a marketplace for two kinds of entities. These are called Personal Shoppers and the Members. Essentially, Personal Shoppers are the sellers on the website while the Members are the online shoppers. Simply register on BUYMA, create a user ID, and establish a password in order to enter this marketplace.

The main purpose of Personal Shoppers on the website is to introduce the latest products offered in the fashion industry all over the world. The members are able to see this on the website and make a purchase order on items that they want to buy. Once the order has been made, the Personal Shoppers would get the items and ship the order directly to the Members. This concept lets Personal Shoppers avoid taking a risk in inventory.

A lot of the fashion items on the website are rare and limited edition. This entices shoppers who love collection fashion items. Several items offered on the website also come at local prices so the buyers are more inclined to buy these products. BUYMA has more than 3.2 million members worldwide and contains a list of more than 7,600 brands. It has grown to become the most popular social shopping service in japan.

Due to its success in the local market, BUYMA eventually launched on a global scale. The Japanese website released its version in the United States so that Americans can also have exclusive access to the items that the website has to offer. Apart from fashion items, BUYMA also offers cosmetics and home goods. All of these are sold at reasonable prices.

BUYMA essentially revolves around four concepts. The first concept is access to limited designer items. The website has more than one million items available for worldwide shipping. Now thanks to the launch of BUYMA in the US, Americans are now able to access these brands and have these items shipped directly to them. The Member must simply place an order so that the Personal Shopper can pick the order up from the retailer before having it shipped.

The second concept is all-year-round designer sales at reasonable prices. Because the Personal Shoppers buy the purchase orders at local prices, the Members are able to get items at better values. Moreover, several Personal Shoppers in BUYMA are usually connected to certain brands, which let them get the items at a competitive price compared to retail sale prices. As a result, they are able to sell these products at greatly discounted prices 365 days a year.

The third concept is the website’s personal approach to selling. Not all e-commerce sites offer personalized multilingual customer support but BUYMA does and more. The Members are able to inquire about anything regarding the products found on the website directly from the Personal Shoppers. With this, buyers are able to discern whether a product would be the right fit for them prior to purchase.

The fourth concept of BUYMA is offering products that are limited edition. When it comes to limited edition products, it can be hard to find and purchase one, as collectors tend to flock to shops to get these items. With BUYMA, several of its Personal Shoppers make it a point to find a way to be able to get these limited edition items for the Members. 

The Structure and Characteristics of BUYMA

What stands between the Personal Shoppers and the Members is ENIGMO. The company makes sure that both parties are able to have a safe as well as a reliable transaction experience in BUYMA. ENIGMO collects a fee from both parts per transaction, which serves as their revenue stream. For every transaction, ENIGMO charges approximately 5 percent from the Members, which serves as a commission, and 5 to 7 percent from Personal Shoppers, which serves as a closing fee.

Launched in February in the year 2005, BUYMA revolves around fashion and beauty. It offers different types of clothing, accessories, and even cosmetics. Until today, BUYMA’s services continue to grow and cater to an increasing number of customers. At present, the website has over 110,000 Personal Shoppers spread across the world. It also has over 5.2 million Members registers on the website.

BUYMA has a number of special characteristics. Its first characteristic is its ability to offer a wide range of products. Personal Shoppers on the website do not need to take inventory. As a result, they are able to introduce a wide range of items without having to take risks. With so many Personal Shoppers in BUYMA, the website is able to offer diversified products to consumers.

Its second characteristic is its efficiency of inventory. Because the Personal Shoppers of BUYMA come from different parts of the world, the chances of finding a specific item at a reasonable price are much higher. However, once the product is declared out of stock, consumers can safely assume that there indeed is no longer stock of such item in most parts of the world.

Its third characteristic is its reasonable prices. Because a lot of the Personal Shoppers in BUYMA have connections to certain brands, they are able to get specific products at discounted prices. In addition, arbitrage amongst the Personal Shoppers results in keeping the prices of products at a competitive level.

The fourth distinct characteristic of BUYMA is its request function. Unlike other online selling websites that only sell what is shown on their websites, BUYMA enables consumers to make a request to buy a product that is not shown on its website. The fifth distinct characteristic of BUYMA is its clearing system, which helps in making sure that the trades happening in the website are safe and sound.

Another special characteristic of BUYMA is its compensation program for its members. This program has different types depending on the kind of compensation that members can get should problems with the items they bought arise. These include the ANSHIN Basic, which is the standard program, and the ANSHIN Plus, which is the charged optional program. The website also offers services such as Quality Guarantee Service as well as Appraisal Service.

Understanding BUYMA’s Easy Purchase Guide

A great thing about BUYMA is that even beginners can easily buy items from the website. BUYMA has an Easy Purchase Guide that teaches beginners how to purchase products from the website. With around 1.85 million transactions every year, BUYMA has made sure that consumers would have an easy and secure way of shopping on its website.

The first step is simply to search for the items that one intends to purchase from BUYMA. The website contains over 2 million products sourced worldwide. There are different categories to choose from such as ladies’ wear, men’s wear, home goods, cosmetics, and even baby products. BUYMA even features a specialized search wherein consumers can look by color or size.

The second step is basically just to add the items that one wishes to purchase to cart. If one has any questions regarding a certain product, they can ask prior to purchase. Certain points of concern that consumers may have include the sizing of a certain item as well as the actual color of the product. Personal Shoppers would be the ones responding to these inquiries.

Once the purchase order has been placed, the third step is to have the items shipped to one’s doorstep. Upon receipt of the product, the Member must visit BUYMA and confirm that the order has arrived. Only when BUYMA is notified of product receipt will the company release the payment to the Personal Shopper. Should the products have any defects, BUYMA also does refunds.

BUYMA features its Four Anshin Compensation System. This system is made to ensure that both parties within the transaction have a safe and reliable experience in BUYMA. It is composed of four compensation systems catering to different kinds of problems that one may encounter during the whole transaction. This includes product defects as well as missing products.

There are different guidelines that surround the various compensation systems. It is important to know more about them prior to making a purchase just to ensure that customers are aware of how transactions and compensations are done in BUYMA. To learn more about these guidelines, consumers can simply go to the website and search. Some of its systems include the Return-Compensation System, Initial Failure Compensation System, and Loss Compensation System. 

Trusting BUYMA’s Quality and Payment Guidelines

To ensure that both the Personal Shoppers and the Members attain a great transaction experience in BUYMA, the company establishes a number of quality guidelines. These guidelines are upheld by the BUYMA Safety Committee. This is to make sure that the quality of products sold in BUYMA is excellent and up to standard. After all, the services provided bear the name of BUYMA.

These guidelines are used to indicate if an item sold in BUYMA meets the website’s criteria in terms of quality and authenticity. Because people would be trading within BUYMA, the company has to ensure that the products being traded in its website meet its standards. BUYMA, its Personal Shoppers, and its Members must understand the importance of these guidelines to the overall online shopping experience offered by BUYMA.

In addition to quality, BUYMA also has guidelines in terms of payment on the website. A team in BUYMA ensures that all products traded on the website are exchanged properly and securely to the right people. Transactions within BUYMA are also monitored with the utmost security and impartiality. They are monitored daily to ensure that these transactions are safe and sound.

Surveys and solutions to several warranty systems are also provided to both the Personal Shoppers and the Members. Because prevention is better than cure, these surveys and solutions serve as a way to prevent certain problems from occurring. These also help in improving the services provided by BUYMA not just to its Members but to its Personal Shoppers as well. As a result, consumers are assured of a great shopping experience at BUYMA.

The website is also committed to the protection of their Personal Shoppers’ and Members’ personal information. It is not just about shopping for the right goods but also protecting the identities and personal information of the website’s consumers. This is so that consumers would be confident in shopping on a website that is safe and secure.

BUYMA definitely has a lot to offer when it comes to an overall shopping experience. It comes as no wonder that the website has enjoyed immense popularity over the years. Because of its commitment to ensuring that its users have the best shopping experience online, BUYMA continues to grow worldwide. Definitely check out BUYMA if one is looking for fashionable items or cosmetics online and learn why it has become one of the leading e-commerce sites in the world today.